Top 10 Worst Netflix Series You Should Never Watch

Over the past few years, we’ve given you our picks for the best original TV series on Netflix. While the streaming giant has had many successes, they’ve also had plenty of failures. Coming up, I’ll show our picks for the top 10 most disappointing or hated Netflix original TV shows to ever appear on streaming services.

1. Friends from College

This American comedy follows a group of Harvard alumni in their 40s living in New York City as they reconnect and discover that love hasn’t gotten any easier with age. It features an ensemble cast of comedic actors including Keegan-Michael Key, Fred Savage and many others. Even with its talented cast this shows a complete mess.

The plot lines are predictable and paper-thin and there are just too few funny moments for the show can be classified as a comedy. Surprisingly Netflix renewed friends from college for a second season which was released in January of 2019. after coming to their senses Netflix canceled the series in February of 2019.

2. Girlboss

This American comedy is based on the best-selling memoir of the same name of the person who started the fashion retailer Nasty Gal.

The show follows Sophia a rebellious misfit as she learns how to create an online fashion business while working as a campus safety host for San Francisco’s Academy of Art University. With her online business growing she learns how to deal with the realities of being her own boss.

Quite simply what made the show a failure is that the lead character is not likable or interesting in any way imaginable. Girlboss was cancelled by Netflix after just one season.

3. Insatiable

This American dark comedy drama is about an overweight teenage girl who is being bullied in school. after having a freak accident, she goes on a liquid diet over summer vacation returning to school she is now thin and becomes popular at her high school while seeking revenge on those that had bullied her in the past.

If you listen to most TV critics you would think that this was the absolute worst show to ever appear on Netflix. Well, we can think of seven that are worse here’s the bottom line. The show features dark satire with over-the-top performances and humor that will offend sensitive viewers.

If you’re easily offended skip it. Otherwise, it just might be a show that you’ll enjoy Insatiable has been renewed for a second season.

4. Fuller House

This American sitcom is a revival of the original series full house which aired from 1987 to 1995. just like the original the show is set in the same house in San Francisco.

It follows recently widowed DJ Tanner Fuller who accepts the help of her sister Stephanie and her best friend Kimmy who move in to help raise DJ’s three sons. This shows mostly a nostalgic fanservice for viewers of the original show. The storylines lack any originality and the comedy would best be described as corny.

Apparently, there are enough fans of the original show that watched this one too. Four seasons are available right now on Netflix and has been renewed for a fifth and final season.

5. Hater Back Off

This comedy series is based on Colleen Ballinger YouTube character named Miranda Sings. In her quest to become famous the show takes a dive into Miranda’s oddball family life and adventures.

While her bizarre brand of humor may work for a three-to-four-minute video it does worth in over a thirty-minute episode. I guess enough haters get in back off. Netflix canceled the series after two seasons.

6. Marvel’s Iron Fist

This American superhero drama is overwhelmingly the least popular installment in the Netflix Marvel Universe.

It follows Danny Rand a martial arts expert presumed to be dead who resurfaces 15 years later with the special ability to call upon a mystical force known as the iron fist.

While suffering from the same pacing issues and filler as most of the other Netflix Marvel shows. It also lacked a compelling storyline; comically terrible fight scenes and the lead character Danny is not very likable. after season 2 iron fist was cancelled by Netflix.

7. Real Rob

This American sitcom stars Rob Schneider along with his real-life wife Patricia and daughter Miranda. the scripted series follows the ups and downs of Rob’s acting and stand-up comedy career along with his personal life living in Hollywood.

Real Rob has been compared to other show including Curb Your Enthusiasm, Louie and Entourage. I would agree with the comparisons for the most part all that’s missing is high quality writing, funny scenes and original storylines that don’t feel like they’ve been ripped off from other shows.

Other than that, if you’ve never watched another comedy series in your entire life until now you might enjoy the real Rob. it was canceled after two seasons on Netflix.

8. Kiss Me First

This British cyber thriller drama was co-produced by channel 4 in the UK and Netflix.

It’s about a lonely 17 year old girl who is addicted to a virtual reality online game. While playing the game she befriends a confident party girl with a dark secret. Not only is this a bleak show it takes suspending belief to a whole new level.

The plot is quite strange with holes throughout and the computer graphics were also really bad. As terrible as the series was, I hope it doesn’t dissuade filmmakers from making better quality TV shows and movies integrating VR into their projects.

There’s still been no word from Netflix or channel 4 whether kiss me first we’ll be coming back for a second season or be cancelled.

9. 13 Reasons Why

It is an American teen drama that follows clay Jensen in his quest to uncover the mystery involving his classmate’s decision to end her own life.

This is perhaps the most controversial show produced by Netflix with many accusing the show of glamourizing mental health issues and suicide especially during the second season.

Even with its second season receiving most scores from both critics and viewers Netflix has made the decision to renew 13 Reasons Why for a third season.

10. Between

This series co-produced by City TV and Netflix. this Canadian science-fiction drama is about a small town and surrounding areas where a mysterious disease has killed every resident over the age of 21 years old in other words, hell on earth. After being quarantined by the government the surviving residents must fend for themselves.

In short, the storyline is terrible production values are very low. It’s poorly acted and it seems the mysterious disease that’s killing the series is boredom.

You might find that watching paint dry to be more exciting than watching this show or as my friends in the UK might say between is just about as dull as dishwater.

Thanks for reading, if this post was useful for you and share with others what is your least favorite original series on Netflix let us know about it in the comments.