These 10 Chrome Extensions Will Astonish You!

Today I’ve received 10 more free chrome extensions that are extremely cool or incredibly useful.

1. Toucan

Which is basically meant to assist you in learning a language or at the very least the vocabulary of the language simply by browsing the web normally. Basically, you can choose from a few different languages including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian, and then when you enable this extension, random words on different web pages you visit will be replaced and highlighted to indicate they’ve been replaced with a word in your selected language.

You also have a few options with the extension; you can pick how frequently words are substituted (less frequently, more regularly, or frequently), and you can also disable it on specific websites for a specified length of time or completely disable the extension for a specified amount of time. As a result, you are not required to use it everywhere.

Additionally, there is a dashboard that will show you how many words have been translated. They also have these things called packs, which I’m thinking will modify the selection of words that are replaced on various websites. There are a few free ones included, as well as some premium ones. I kind of wish it would indicate which words were contained in each one.

However, it’s good that you can add a little amount of customisation, which is why I’m probably going to keep this on German; I studied it a long time ago but have been getting rusty, so maybe, this will keep me current.

2. Relaxing Sounds

This essentially allows you to choose from a variety of various ambient noises to play in the background as you browse the web or do whatever else, but what’s really cool about this is that you can combine up to five different sounds simultaneously, allowing you to truly tailor the ambiance.

However, there is also a volume slider to adjust the volume, and I’ll select a few and just kind of stop talking to demonstrate what you might be able to hear. So yeah, definitely a cool extension if you find that white noise helps you know you can select with a lot of granularity what type of white noise and even combinations there.

3. Trim

Which essentially provides IMDB ratings on Netflix, which you presumably already knew. Netflix did away with actual star ratings and replaced them with this meaningless match percentage rating that doesn’t even indicate how well people like the show, but rather a recommendation percentage.

Netflix assumes you’ll enjoy the show, so it’s meaningless, but with this extension, if you’re watching on Chrome, it’ll actually show you a small icon with a yellow circle representing the IMDB rating that other users have given the show, so you can get a better idea of how good the show is by default.

It’ll also display the rotten tomatoes rating, either rotten or fresh, but you may disable it. Personally, I’m not a fan of rotten tomatoes and believe the ranking is unreliable. Thus, I keep it on IMDB, which I believe is a nice method to discover truly great shows without having to rely on Netflix’s ridiculous suggestion percentage.

4. MarkUp for Chrome

This is a really c

This is an awesome collaboration tool if you work for a firm that has a website or if you’ve ever worked on a website and had to provide feedback on it. Allow me to demonstrate. Essentially, the extension is a tool that allows you to take screenshots of any website or URL and then add comments to them at a specific location.

This allows you to tag a specific object on the web page, a certain amount of text, or a text block, and then expand to show all the comments someone has left for it on the left-hand side.

Thus, you can share this list of comments, and then click on them to see exactly what someone is discussing on the screen, which is quite beneficial for cooperation. If you’re providing feedback on the development of a website, or if you’re simply cooperating in general, you can certainly imagine how valuable this is.

5. Netflix Party Now

I mentioned this in a previous list, but I believe it is more pertinent than ever in this age of social alienation, and it’s ideal for watching Netflix series with a bunch of pals via the internet.

Essentially, it enables you to share a Netflix show with a group of friends by creating a link that everyone with the same extension joins, and then the party leader may control the player’s location to ensure a synchronous viewing experience.

6. Just Read

This essentially removes a lot of the clutter that exists on websites that are primarily text-based, such as news articles. It’s very similar to the reading mode on mobile devices such as iOS, where it removes all the clutter on the sides and displays only the article text.

The same concept applies here, and overall, I believe it does an excellent job, and it does have the ability to remove additional elements. Therefore, if you activate it and then notice a slew of random trash appearing in the middle, there is an option to click on and remove it.

If you wish to do it manually, this is undoubtedly beneficial for websites that have an unusual or messy structure of the article’s location. This should make it easier to read in some instances.

7. OneTab

If you have a large number of tabs open, you can click the extension to dismiss them all and save them as a list in this one-tab extension page. From there, you can restore the tabs individually or in bulk.

Therefore, if you realize that you’re working on a project and realized that you’ve opened a lot of crap that I don’t need or may not need in the future, you can simply close it all and move on, but if you realize you want to return to one of those pages you had open, you can simply bring it back if you do this more than once.

Thus, if you click the single tab to close all the tabs and then click it again, it will create a separate list, from which you can restore each individual list or individual tabs from each list. As you can see, there is also the ability to share a list as a web page, so if you want to create a list of tabs and then share it with someone else or perhaps bookmark it for later, you can do that as well.

8. Work On At Least

This addon is very difficult, but it is also quite strong. I believe that is how it is pronounced. It basically allows you to create these so-called workspaces of chrome tabs and it also creates a pinned tab icon at the top left that you can access at any time.

You can add websites or tabs to an existing or new workspace by either clicking on the extension icon while on a web page and then adding it to a selected workspace or by dragging a tab into the workspace from the work on a whole interface and I believe that is how it is pronounced.

For example, if you have a bunch of different tabs that you use daily for work and you always end up opening the same exact websites and having them all open at the same time, you can create a workspace for that and then open them all at once without having to go to each one individually. You also have the option of sharing these different workspaces via email or Slack, and there are several different levels of organization.

For example, with Gmail, Google Drive, and GitHub, and while I’m not entirely sure how these integrate, they do so I’m assuming I’m only scratching the surface. However, it appears as though the basic idea is that if you have a bunch of different websites that you always use together or want to create lists of websites that you can share, this appears to be a decent service for that.

9. Suspicious Site Reporter

This is a Google-created extension. As the name implies, it enables you to report suspicious websites to Google for review. However, it also provides a sort of warning in the form of an orange icon if the website exhibits some potentially suspicious characteristics, which can be viewed by clicking on the icon.

Therefore, if the website contains extremely strange characters, such as a character that appears to be an o but isn’t, this could be indicative of a possible phishing website attempting to masquerade as a more popular domain.

I don’t have any good examples because I’m unfamiliar with any suspicious websites, but you can see some of the screenshots provided by the official app page. So, basically, if you detect a potential warning and notice that this website is a little strange, you may send it along to be examined.

To provide some context, the last few versions of Chrome have enabled you to create links to specific text selections within a website, which has been particularly useful for certain search results.

For example, if you search for a question in Chrome and it displays that little knowledge box with an answer, clicking through to that website will basically take you directly to the website from which it obtained that knowledge box information. As a result, it is available on the website.

Now, with this extension, you can do the exact same thing. Simply highlight a certain amount of text or a block of text, right-click it, and then hit copy link to select text. The link will appear extremely large due to the amount of text highlighted, but it still makes it significantly easier to generate the link in the first place.

So, yeah, definitely some handy Chrome extensions. If you guys want to continue reading, I’d recommend my next post, in which I discussed seven free Windows programs that are quite useful, particularly in terms of productivity.