Subway Surfers Tag: SYBO’s latest title to release as an Apple Arcade exclusive

On July 15th, 2022, SYBO will release Subway Surfers Tag only for Apple Arcade. Mobile game Subway Surfers spin-off, Skate, grind and tag your way to a new high score as you skate, grind, and tag your way through the exhilarating interactive arenas.

Each new venue in Subway Surfers Tag is more difficult than the last.

Apple Arcade-exclusive game Subway Surfers Tag pits players against the Subway Surfers crew in a range of dynamic, off-limits city locations.. The clean-up team’s bots must be shot in order to score juicy combo point action as the free skaters cross the arena, grinding rails, landing jumps, and marking objectives.

Photo courtesy of SYBO Games

These antics will not go unnoticed, as the Guard and his mechanical henchmen are closing in to end the pursuit. With each new venue unlocked, the competition becomes more difficult.

Miniclip and SYBO Games have signed a multi-million dollar partnership.

In late June, SYBO Games announced that Miniclip, a leading maker of market-defining mobile games, had purchased it. It is expected that the deal, which is expected to finalize in July 2022, will allow SYBO to preserve its gaming and creative teams while increasing its global reach.

Subway Surfers is the most downloaded mobile game of 2019 with over three billion downloads so far. There are a number of new games in development by Miniclip and Sybo, all of which will be released this year, and with Miniclip’s recent acquisition of Sybo, these two well-respected companies will be working together to achieve new heights.