How to add music to Instagram stories

Instagram Stories are simple to create, but if you want them to be genuinely interesting, you’ll need to put a lot of effort into how you present them. Thankfully, Instagram has a variety of features that may assist you in making your stories as entertaining as humanly possible.

It’s possible that you have some fantastic photographs or videos, as well as some interesting effects and stickers to overlay on top of them; nevertheless, your narrative is still lacking one essential component: music. Instagram provides access to a variety of songs from its own music collection as well as from popular music streaming services such as Spotify (Opens in a new window), SoundCloud (Opens in a new window), and Shazam (Opens in a new window). This article will provide you with all the information you want about music and Instagram.

Best ways to add music to your Instagram Story.

One of the most powerful methods to form meaningful connections with other people is via the act of sharing music with one’s social media friends and followers. You may also discover new music via the people that you follow on Instagram by using the Instagram Stories feature to share your latest and greatest musical finds with your followers. You may also locate the greatest new songs to add to your playlist by clicking through music-related hashtags, which is simply another method to find new music to add to your collection.

Include audio from Instagram in your post.

The alternative that is the least complicated is to add music directly from Instagram itself. This is the procedure to follow:

  • Launch the Instagram app and tap the + sign located at the very top of the screen to add a new post. This will take you to the page where you can build your Instagram Story, which is labeled “add to Story.”
  • After you have created your Instagram Story (whether it be a video, picture, or GIF, for example), you will have access to Instagram’s music collection.
  • To include a song in your Story, first choose the Sticker button, then select the Music sticker from the available options.

This will bring up the music library on Instagram, where you can then search through hundreds of songs to find the one you’re looking for. Remember that owing to copyright limitations, certain songs are unavailable in some countries and may be found in others. The music selection available to business accounts is likewise more restricted.

As soon as you start looking around, you’ll see a section labeled “for you.” This is decided by Instagram’s algorithm, as well as the accounts you follow, the people you connect with, and the history of your own postings on Instagram.

You may go to more songs by tapping the Browse button at the top of the screen if you want to hear more than just these selections. You will now be able to browse through all of Instagram’s available music using this. You also have the option of manually typing in the name of the artist or song that you want to listen to if you are seeking for anything in particular.

You have the choice to utilize a portion of the music that lasts anywhere from five to fifteen seconds whenever you pick songs to play. The software will provide you with a slider that you can use to choose the desired duration. After that, when you are through, click the button that says “Done,” and the music will be successfully posted to your Instagram Story.

Add music from Spotify to your Instagram Story

You may include music in your Instagram story by getting it from the Spotify app and adding it to your post. Tap the ellipsis symbol when a song is playing on Spotify, and then choose the Share option from the menu. If you pick Instagram, you will be sent to your Instagram story, where the music you chose will be shown along with its cover image. Your narrative may be customized with text, stickers, and several other effects. To upload the tale along with the music that you choose, tap the button labeled “Your Story.”

Follow these steps in order to upload a tune that you found on Spotify:

  • Launch the Spotify mobile app.
  • Simply choose the track you wish to add by clicking on it.
  • To see further options, choose the ellipses located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Scroll all the way down, then choose Share from the menu.
  • Choose several Instagram stories to read.

After that, the Spotify app will launch the Instagram app for you automatically. It will also add the album or song’s cover image to your Story along with the updated information about the chosen track.

If you want to proceed with this strategy, the music will not play when you visit Instagram directly. Following the publication of your Story, the application will generate a link in the upper-left corner that reads “Play on Spotify.” In order for your followers to access Spotify and listen to the music, they need to click on the album or song image that you have provided.

Add music from Apple Music to your Instagram Story

Sharing music from Apple Music to your Instagram Story is a fantastic way to show your friends and followers some of the music that you like listening to the most. You are not able to immediately share the music’s real audio inside the Instagram app, similar to how it is the case with other third-party integrations with Instagram Stories. The fact that Apple Music has more than 90 million songs, on the other hand, means that you shouldn’t have any trouble locating the music that you want to share with others.

The method is straightforward:

  • Launch the Apple Music app, then choose the three dots (ellipses) located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • You now have the “Share” option available to you.
  • After selecting “Share,” go through the list of available apps until you find Instagram, then pick it.
  • This will import the artwork for the album or song into your Instagram Story, along with a link that says “Play on Apple Music” in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • When consumers click on the link, the Apple Music app will open automatically, and they will be able to listen to the tune there.

Add music from SoundCloud to your Instagram Story

  • Select a song from the SoundCloud app, then tap the Share button after making your selection.
  • You may then add the music to your Instagram story. Select Stories to import the music into Instagram along with the picture that corresponds to it.
  • When the story is finally made public, it will act as a link that takes readers directly to the music on SoundCloud.
  • After reading the tale, you may listen to the music by opening the SoundCloud app, tapping the Play button on SoundCloud, and selecting the Open SoundCloud option.

Add music from Shazam to your Instagram Story

Shazam is the name of the mobile application that can identify songs for you. The software has been available for download for more than 20 years, but Apple’s acquisition of it in 2017 has led to significant development in its functionality. It is now built into each and every iPhone and has even been included in Siri.

Because of its widespread usage, the Shazam app makes it simpler than ever before to recognize a song that is playing in a supermarket. You are also able to immediately share your discovery with the people who follow you on Instagram from inside the Shazam app, in the event that you ever felt the need to do so.

The following steps need to be taken after you have found a song that you like:

  • To access the ellipses menu in the Shazam app, tap the upper right corner of the screen.
  • To access Instagram, first, choose “Share,” and then select “Instagram stories” from the drop-down menu.
  • This will import the artwork for the album or song, and it will also include a link in your Instagram Story that says “More on Shazam.”

This is a fantastic method to demonstrate to your friends how you came upon new music or how you rediscovered an old favorite. You may also add text and other stickers to provide an explanation of how you came upon this music and where you were at the time it occurred.

Add a song lyrics to your Instagram Story

When you post music to your Instagram, you have the option of adding other content in addition to the artwork and audio. You are able to include the lyrics as well. You have the option of adding the lyrics over a picture or a video in your Story, and they will be formatted to correspond precisely with the portion of the music that you choose to emphasize.

Apply the following procedures in order to include lyrics in your Story:

  • Launch the Instagram app on your device.
  • To access your Story, go to the upper left corner of the page and click on the + symbol that is located on your profile picture.
  • Include the image or video that you want to highlight.
  • To add music straight from Instagram, use the “Music Sticker” option from the menu.
  • Find the music you wish to add to your Story by searching for it.
  • After you have chosen the song, you may then pick the album artwork that comes up.

You may now add lyrics, and you can choose from a variety of font styles for those lyrics. You are also able to change the font size of the lyrics and the location in the Story where they are shown. You should be aware that the ability to add lyrics is not available for all of the songs in the Instagram music collection.