Fiverr: Review, Service Types, How to Earn, Competitors

Whether you’re seeking for freelancers to aid your business or to freelance for additional money, Fiverr appears to be the go-to solution in both cases.

The real question is if Fiverr is worth it for you as a business looking for a little more help with a new logo design or whether you’re looking to earn some additional money by giving your vocal abilities.

We’ll go through how Fiverr works for both parties, the features, what you can anticipate finding, and anything else you need to know to get started with this freelancing gig app.

What exactly is Fiverr?

Fiverr was founded in 2010, therefore it has 12 years of experience.

Fiverr is a freelance gig app, which implies that individuals with skills may employ them or those searching for work can use it as a marketplace to locate a suitable freelancer for the task.


Fiverr is a really easy service to use. Because it’s a marketplace, you can search or post your work for all of the other kinds of labor, which we’ll get to later.

Some noteworthy characteristics are:

  • Lists for assembling preferred freelancer listings
  • For relevant news, guidelines, case studies, and information on a variety of topics visit the Fiverr Blog.
  • Community forums and live video events to help you develop your talents or learn more about freelancing job
  • Messages and an inbox to keep track of communications with freelancers or potential clients.
  • Working from home on a laptop.

All of the features on Fiverr’s website and app are quite straightforward, but what they provide is a terrific balance of professional services for freelancers and clients, as well as a good mix of learning and networking opportunities.

Fiverr Service Types

Fiverr Basic

Fiverr Basic, or just Fiverr, is the most popular version of their services used by customers and freelancers.

It combines all of the above-described characteristics with the ease of access to economical freelancing services.

Fiverr Pro

Fiverr Pro is quite identical to Fiverr Basic, with the distinction that it provides higher pricing ranges for work, implying that it uses Pro Verified freelancers, implying that the quality is significantly greater.

This is mirrored in the costs, as Fiverr Basic begins at $5 for gig labor, but Fiverr Pro has far higher minimums and can go up to $10,000 for specific projects.

Part of the draw is that the Pro Verified freelancers are experts in their fields and are hand-vetted, with just 1% of applications approved, resulting in higher standards for clients and sellers.

Fiverr Business

Finally, there is Fiverr Business. It is not necessary to create a Fiverr Company account (it is free), as you can always employ freelancers from a regular account, but it provides several advantages for business owners.

Access to Fiverr’s Business Success Managers, who scout talent for you, is one of these advantages. You can monitor your team’s work and interact internally, as well as manage funds for your freelancers all in one spot.

Categories for Freelancers

While colleagues are conversing, a businessman stands in front of the camera. Because of their vast list of categories through their marketplace, offering your skills as a freelancer or hiring a freelancer to help you with any task is quite easy on Fiverr. Here’s a list of some of the freelancer types you could encounter:

  • Designing graphics
  • Photo/video editing
  • Copywriting
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Work in voice-overs
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Translation
  • Web development
  • creation of apps
  • Tutoring via the internet
  • Coaching for Life
  • Interior decoration
  • Writing a Resume
  • Development of blockchain/cryptocurrency
  • design of clothing
  • And there are many more…

This is only a brief overview of the various categories available, but if you visit their website, you can go through each group and discover what sort of freelance job you can supply or need to locate.

Feedback and experience

My own experience with Fiverr was really straightforward. It’s similar to creating a social network account or signing up for other digital services.

Similarly, as I said earlier, the option to move to and from a business account was a pleasant surprise.

The most difficult aspect of getting employment was deciding which freelancer to hire because there were so many alternatives, but that’s a nice problem to have.

I was happy with the small work done by a freelancer I hired to create some logos for me (I spent around $20) because I wasn’t seeking anything exceptional.

My experience is similar to many others, as there is a lot of feedback online that matches my views about how simple it is to use, how quick it is to employ someone, and even if you’re not pleased, you can get your money back.

Fiverr has also revamped several of its procedures, such as refunds, and enhanced its customer experience, as seen by my experiences with them.


Naturally, Fiverr has competition, as would any good service. Here are Threerr’s main competitors and how they vary.


The prominent site Upwork is sometimes regarded as a more “upscale” equivalent of Fiverr. It features a really appealing user interface, comparable to Fiverr.

I didn’t see much difference between the two, except that on Upwork, you publish your job description and they match you with possible freelancers, which Fiverr Business also does.


Another site, Freelancer, takes a different approach to recruiting freelancers for their projects.

You submit your task, receive free bids from freelancers, pick who you want to do the work, and then pay when the work is finished.

This is a commendable attempt to increase transparency and reduce refunds or poor work for clients and freelancers.


Finally, there is Toptal. Toptal’s business concept is to go even further than Upwork as the upmarket freelancing marketplace by requiring only 3% of those who join up to be approved.

Fiverr already has their Pro services, which are even more discriminating, but it’s worth looking into if money isn’t an issue and you’re only looking for high-end professional freelancers.

In conclusion

Whether you’re trying to make more money by freelancing your creative and professional abilities, or whether you’re a business wanting to have some work done by outsourcing the task, Fiverr is a must-use website to locate or sell work.

Fiverr does a good job of catering to professionals of all levels, on either side of the gig economy, who are seeking fast and efficient labor by incorporating a wide range of categories and a healthy mix of features and services.

Whatever company or freelance work you conduct, Fiverr is a service worth considering.