How to delete your Yahoo account

Because you have a Yahoo account, you have access to a wide range of online services, such as Yahoo Mail, customized settings on the Yahoo home page, and the ability to submit photos and videos to Flickr. You have the option to terminate your Yahoo account if you decide that you no longer want or desire the aforementioned services.

Take note that if you delete your Yahoo account, you will also lose the settings for My Yahoo, your Flickr account and photographs, Yahoo Messenger, as well as any other data that is associated with your Yahoo account. Make sure you download any information you may use in the future before you shut down your Yahoo email account. Make sure you're set on the choice to delete your Yahoo! email account.

How to delete your Yahoo account

It only takes a few clicks to delete your Yahoo account. Doing this deactivates all Yahoo services including email, Flickr, and your Yahoo identity that lets you customize the Yahoo home page. 

1. Open your My Subscriptions dashboard in a web browser. Make sure you have no active paid subscriptions and cancel them if necessary. 

2. Open the Yahoo account termination page in a web browser.

3. If you’re not already logged into the Yahoo account you want to delete, sign in now. 

4. Click Continue to delete my account.

5. On the next page, enter your email address and click Yes, terminate this account

Yahoo account termination page in Chrome
Type your email address on the Yahoo account termination page to delete your account. 

You should see a message that tells you the account has been deactivated and scheduled for deletion. It will generally be deleted after about 30 days.