Best New Websites From Internet (Weekly Update)

1. Drivetribe

Not satisfied with the high ratings for Amazon Prime Video’s The Grand Tour. Jeremy Clarkson, the racing driver. “YouPorn for vehicles” has been launched by Richard Hammond and James May. It’s a vibrant community that invites you to join driving “tribes” (similar to Facebook groups) and talk about driving with other enthusiasts. It’s a pain that the only way to sign up is through Facebook, but if you do, you’ll be rewarded to some amazing pictures and insightful commentary. Comment on or ‘bump’ (the equivalent of “liking”) posts to show your gratitude. You can also share posts on other social networks and start your own tribe from scratch.

2. Charles Booth’s London

The social reformer Charles Booth documented working-class life in 19th-century Working-class life in nineteenth-century London was documented by social reformer Charles Booth. Between 1886 and 1903, he produced a variety of maps indicating areas of poverty and reams of notes. You can look for a location on a map using the website’s district or street search feature. Zoom in to see more of the details, then go back to the modem day to see what the color-coding in Booth means. The 450 original notebooks can be browsed and downloaded, as well as 41 digitized copies, and the books can be filtered by topic, collection, or page. An interesting collection that’s easy to use and focuses your attention to important issues like crime, migrant communities, and prostitution is available to you right now.

3. Rocket Builder

Why not build your own spacecraft if you have an extra $109 million lying around? You can use this site to get an estimate on launch costs and a 3D model of your spacecraft thanks to United Launch Alliance (ULA), which is in charge of delivering rockets into space such the Atlas V, Delta II, and Delta IV. Aimed squarely at affluent would-be astronauts, the site is interesting fun for everyone. We particularly like the way it breaks down each component of a rocket so you know what you’re getting before buying it.

4. Action for Elders

Action for Elders offers weekly training programs to help seniors learn new skills and keep their minds active. Encourage people to go active and have fun with one other. A photo-driven style makes it simple to navigate the new website’s wealth of information, which is accessible via stylish drop-down menus. The website encourages people to get involved as volunteers. demonstrating the beneficial impact on people’s lives that it has had. It also does not hold back when it comes to asking for money. Despite the fact that it highlights current events and breaking news, the report is disappointingly short. There isn’t much information on the guidance and help sites, and the podcasts and movies area are both empty.

5. My Nintendo

With a new console (Switch) and iOS game (Super Mario Run) on the way. Nintendo has been busy, but that hasn’t stopped it tinkering with its My Nintendo rewards Super Mario Run will be available on iOS devices soon, as well as a new console (the Switch). In spite of Nintendo’s hectic schedule, the company is still fiddling with its My Nintendo rewards system. A new section has been created for smart device apps that make it easier to learn how to earn points and identify the available rewards. It still has many money-saving deals, in-game material, and even full games (along with a special gift in your birthday month). We like that the site now allows you to establish accounts for children under the age of 13 and that it has provided the possibility to generate a unique User ID.

6. Thrive Global

The Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington was behind the creation of this post. It’s a health and wellness website with articles from high-profile contributors like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who offer self-indulgent advice on how to relax and work more efficiently. If you want to know how long an item will take to read, you can check its read time or use an app that automatically deletes incoming emails while you’re away. In the end, it’s just a moneymaker. Inviting you to sign up for a “e-course” to “advance from surviving to flourishing” and purchase a phone charger that resembles an actual mattress replete with satin-covered bedframe.”

7. Scan Computers

Scan Computers, situated in Bolton, is well-known for its award-winning computers and stellar customer service, but its jumbled, confusing website has historically hindered the company’s growth. The site’s search bar has been moved to the very top of the page, making it much easier to use. to make drilling down into different product categories easier, it optimized its tabs to decrease page scrolling on product pages. While the Today Only portion of Scan has been kept and Tek Spek has continued to debate and explain the latest technology, both are welcome additions.

8. Transport for Greater Manchester

Anyone in Greater Manchester who travels by public transportation will like the newly redesigned travel portal. Because of this, there’s a greater focus on real-time information such as when the next bus will arrive or when the next tram or train will arrive. If there are any transportation issues, you can look up schedules and ticket information, as well as plan your trip down to the minute. New site is much better than old one, and it’s much easier to use on mobile devices thanks to the clean, adaptable design. Tickets aren’t available for purchase on the site just yet; you’ll have to use the Get Me There app instead.

9. The Paris Review

The Paris Review’s newly revamped website does a superb job of highlighting the magazine’s outstanding writing and art. Along with an updated look, it has added fiction, essays, poetry, and art to its main navigation bar, as well as improved the site’s headlines to entice you deeper into the information. Whether you want to read the entire story, you’ll need to subscribe to The Paris Review, but you can get a 10-day free trial to see if it’s your tasse de thé. The 63-year archive of the Review is now available online to subscribers.

10. Dronesafe

If you got a drone for Christmas, this site lets you check the Civil Aviation Authority’s It’s possible to verify the Civil Aviation Authority’s requirements for operating a drone in the UK if you received one as a gift. So, you’re safe from the law and your next-door neighbors. Its new “drone code” employs simple infographics to drive home the six most important safety considerations to keep in mind before you take to the skies. Because it’s so simple, it’s a particularly effective strategy for teaching the rules to newcomers. Additionally, you’ll find connections to helpful resources, a mobile-friendly interactive map tool highlighting locations to avoid when flying, and information on drone law. For more information on flying your drone, check out this entertaining yet authoritative cartoon video guide.

11. Typemates

Many individuals prefer Times New Roman, Arial, and Helvetica. It’s never too late to add to or change up your font collection. Each of TypeMates’ beautiful typefaces can be purchased with a few clicks and a PayPal or Stripe payment through the company’s website. You can see the fonts in italics and other weights and sizes, but they aren’t cheap. The website does an excellent job of displaying them. It’s a fascinating look at how typefaces are actually utilized in the real world, with helpful hints, inspiring designs, and even a look at how some fonts are made.

12. Irish Pubs of the World

Times New Roman, Arial, and Helvetica are popular choices. A font library can be expanded or changed at any time. With just a few clicks and a PayPal or Stripe payment, you may own any of TypeMates’ stunning typefaces. Italics, bold, and a variety of sizes and weights are all available, but they’re pricey. The way they’re presented on the website is superb. Look at how typefaces are used in the real world, with helpful advice, creative ideas and even how some fonts are created.

13. McAfee

The security firm McAfee was acquired by Intel in 2010 for $7.68bn (approximately E6bn) and renamed Intel Security if you’ve been wondering where it’s been for the last seven years. With the relaunch of its website, McAfee is back to being McAfee, and CEO Christopher Young attempts to explain everything in an open letter to the company’s customers There are also product pages for home and business customers, free trials and apps, and blogs that teach you how to be safe while using the internet. In terms of product descriptions or marketing benefits, the site falls short, however, there is a chat feature to assist you.

14. Carlsberg

Even if Carlsberg created the world’s best website, this isn’t it. As a result, the blog and news sections focus on the business side of selling drinks rather than the laddish humor you might expect from the brand. Positives include an overview of Carlsberg beers and food pairing suggestions as well as an illustrated look at the history of Carlsberg and the Carlsberg Foundation. Sections like this are sadly underdeveloped.