Best Chrome Addons From Internet (Weekly Update)

1. Report suspicious websites to Google

Have you ever encountered a website that did not appear or feel right? Prior to the advent of Google’s Suspicious Site Reporter extension, your only options were to exit or risk a malware infection or worse.

Now, whenever you come across a dubious website, you may immediately alert Google. The new tool incorporates a link to Google’s Safe Browsing service (, which alerts users when a website may include phishing scams or malware.

When you click the extension’s toolbar button, the reporter immediately fills in facts about the website you’re now visiting, such as its URL and IP address, and takes a snapshot (if you allow it). You can include the referral chain – for example, if you arrived at this site via a link from another site. Google’s technology is also intelligent enough to detect and flag questionable activities on the referrer’s page.

2. Customize Chrome’s appearance

Chrome isn’t the most visually appealing browser, which is why we frequently propose extensions that improve the look of its new tabs. Fortunately, Google has upgraded Chrome’s developer-focused Canary version with a few of settings that allow you to customize the appearance of your new tabs. Additionally, you can customize the browser’s general theme.

To brighten Chrome, navigate to chrome:/flags/#chrome-colors and toggle the Enabled flag. Then enable chrome:/flags/#ntp-customization-menu-v2 via chrome:/flags/#ntp-customization-menu-v2. Restart Chrome, then open a new tab. In the bottom-right corner, you’ll find the Customize option. With these flags enabled, it becomes significantly easier to choose a beautiful new background that matches your preferences.

3. Stop YouTube checking up on you

While we understand why streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix offer a ‘continue watching’ message following a period of inactivity, the prompt is nevertheless unpleasant and can disrupt your immersion in the film you’re watching.

YouTube Uninterrupted’s creator understands precisely how you feel. As the name implies, this plugin, which is also available on GitHub, accomplishes a single task: it prevents YouTube videos from pausing after a specified amount of time and disables the annoying ‘continue watching?’ pop-up.

While the creator advises that this plugin shines while listening to music playlists, we believe it greatly enhances the experience of binge-watching a series of YouTube videos.

4. Compare prices across websites

Shopping Helper is a browser extension that claims to “reintroduce joy to online shopping.” That may be an exaggeration – in our experience, a browser tool will not change whether you enjoy or despise shopping – but it will help you save money and avoid switching between dozens of active tabs when looking for the greatest offer.

Consider Shopping Helper to be the extension version of Google Shopping. Utilize the browser’s toolbar button to conduct a search for a certain item. When you’ve located what you’re looking for, click to compare costs at other internet retailers.

We’d like to see the tool integrated with product pages on websites, but we’re not complaining if it helps us save money.

5. Browse the web faster than ever with Chrome

One of the most frequently voiced criticisms with Chrome is that it is too slow. When the browser was first released in 2008, it was hailed as a breath of fresh air. However, it frequently feels as sluggish as Internet Explorer these days. If you’ve been tapping your fingers on the desk in anticipation of another website loading, it’s time to download FasterChrome.

The creator states that this plugin “makes use of just-in-time preloading.” That is a clever way of saying that it begins loading a page when you hover your mouse over its link, rather than when you click it. FasterChrome will not do this action on every page – for example, when you log out of a website – and it works best on pages inside a single website. However, preloading increases speeds by around 300 milliseconds, which is about a year in internet time.

6. Control the volume of websites

Audio is a perplexing medium. All too frequently, we visit a site and the sound is either too loud or too quiet. Volume Master resolves this issue. Once the extension is installed, start a video in your browser and click the icon. By default, sound is played at 100% volume, but you can increase it to a stunning 600%.

Additionally, it offers a great feature: with a single click, you may switch to a tab that is already playing music. This is especially useful when a website automatically plays a video and you need to locate it in order to silence it.

Volume Master treats each tab individually, allowing you to increase the volume for one movie while decreasing it for another.

7. Avoid making spelling mistakes online

There are other programs available to assist you in improving your writing, but Language Tool ( is without a doubt the greatest. It examines everything you type on sites like Gmail and Facebook, and if you make a spelling error, it highlights the word in red, much like a word processor does. Yellow and blue underlines indicate grammatical and stylistic mistakes.

When you click a word or phrase highlighted by Language Tool, it displays some recommended corrections. Particularly beneficial is the option to have the error explained to you in order to avoid repeating it in the future.

Additionally, you can type or paste your content into the official website’s text box. Utilize the drop-down menus to determine how your words read in different languages, such as French, Chinese, and Japanese.

8. Focus on your urgent emails

When checking your email, it’s all too simple to become distracted. You begin responding to one message, but another captures your eye, and you find yourself mentally arranging how to respond before the first is completed.

If you’re having trouble with this, it’s time to download Gmail Focus. When you visit Gmail, you’ll now see only the information of your most recent message. All others are obscured by a scribbling effect that obscures the sender’s name, the subject line, and the message’s first line.

This makes tackling your inbox lot less intimidating, as you can deal with individual messages without being distracted. You can still click into any email to read it, but the focus effect prevents you from knowing what’s within until you open it.

9. Get your weekly bookmarks emailed to you

How frequently do you save a page with the purpose of returning to it later, only to forget about it — or find it months later, when the page has become obsolete?

Mailist enables you to save pages by clicking its toolbar button and selecting ‘Add page to Mailist’, which will include them in a weekly email newsletter. Additionally, you can click ‘Manage all links’ to add bookmarks manually at The settings below allow you to customize the amount of links you receive each week – from one to ten – as well as the day.

The best aspect, though, is that you can import all of your other bookmarks from Chrome and Firefox. This is a really simple technique that involves exporting them from your browser and then uploading them to Mailist. At the very least, this way, you’ll never lose track of another saved page.

10. Hear web pages read aloud to you

Elocance is a browser extension and app that improves accessibility on the web. Many people have difficulty reading text on the screen, which results in them missing out on vast amounts of content. Install Elocance in Chrome and on your phone, login in with the same account on both devices, and the software will read emails, online pages, and text documents aloud.

Once you’ve discovered an article that piques your interest, simply click the extension’s toolbar button and select ‘Add this page to my library’. Upload documents via File Explorer or drag and drop them into the box. If you’re on a mobile device, hit the Share button to reveal an option to send to Elocance. After that, you can open your library and listen to your text. Additionally, you can change the Elocance voice and discover new articles from this page.