7 Secret Best Android Apps in 2022 That You Didn’t Know About!

Are you fed up with the same old apps that everyone uses? And are you looking for something fresh, different, beneficial, and enjoyable? Then you’ve come to the right place. Today, I’ve picked together eight unusual Android apps for you to test.

1. Vani Dialer

Vani Dialer is your Voice Assistant, capable of responding to any incoming calls via voice command. The software features an attractive and eye-catching appearance, as well as an easy user interface that enables you to manage all of your calling operations. You may customize your own words and commands to receive a call, refuse a call, or put your phone in speaker mode, for example.

The app is very customisable, allowing you to select your own theme and backgrounds and apply them to the app. The software includes some unique features not found in other voice assistants.

For example, you can share your screen and share photographs, movies, and other documents while on a conversation. You can also play games while on a call, but both participants’ devices must have Vani loaded.

The app’s most useful feature, and the reason it made our list of the top unique apps, is its Caller ID feature, which allows you to block spam and unknown calls.

2. Whale Papers

Whale Papers offers a wide variety of high-quality wallpapers in a variety of categories, including artwork, materials, and patterns. When applied, the wallpapers refresh the appearance of your screen and are compatible with all types of AMOLED displays. All of the wallpapers are designed to be both modest and extensive, meeting your expectations.

The app is simple to use, with an interactive user interface and a buttery smooth experience.

3. Adobe Photoshop Camera

It is a camera application that can enhance the appearance of your photographs. You can choose from a variety of filters and preview the effects in real time before capturing the image.

The software is useful for social media influencers since it features an auto-tone and bokeh style portrait mode that allows you to add the right finishing touch to your photographs and videos.

4. Vani Dialer Theme

If you enjoyed the first app on this list, you will appreciate this one. Vani caller theme is an app that allows you to customize the call screen with a variety of stunning themes. You may modify the graphics and styles associated with each contact on your list. Unanswered calls are indicated by an LED flash, which can also announce the caller’s name.

Additionally, the Vani caller theme has a real-time caller ID feature that enables you to instantly identify the caller. Additionally, you can filter spam and undesirable calls. With the help of its dynamic and eye-catching themes, the Vani Caller Theme may transform your call screen into an outstanding, vibrant one.

Because the software is battery-efficient, you won’t have to worry about your device’s battery life. With a straightforward user interface that allows you to customize every part of your call screen with a single touch, the Vani caller theme is one of the best-kept secrets out there.

5. Wavelet

Wavelet can take your music customization to another level. The app has a nine-Wavelet can help you customize your music to a whole new level. The software includes a nine-band equalization, a reverb setting, a virtualizer, and 2400 presets that have been pre-calculated.

The app’s most remarkable feature is its ability to change the sound quality based on the headphones you’re using. Therefore, if you’re using JBL or Boat headphones, there are 2400 pre-calculated presets that modify the sound according to the headphone.

6. Firefox Send

It can assist you in resolving your issue with file sharing in a faraway area. The majority of file sharing applications use a distance to transport and distribute files inside a defined radar.

You can upload any content or files you wish to share to your Firefox account and then email the URL to the file to the individual with whom you wish to share it. You should not be concerned about the security of your files, as they are completely encrypted.

The app’s sharing limit is 2.5GB, which is more than enough for the average user. Additionally, you can distribute several files by creating a zip file and sending it via Firefox send.

7. SplitCloud Double Music

Split Cloud may be advantageous if you and a friend have divergent musical tastes yet wish to listen to music together. This program can simultaneously play two separate pieces of music thanks to the use of twin music players that are layered on one another.

The music player at the top will play the track that is now playing on the left earphone. Simultaneously, the music player on the bottom will play the tune on your right earphone. You may listen to all of your favorite tunes from SoundCloud whenever you want.