19 Cool Websites To Visit When You’re Bored

Are you bored out of your freaking mind, it’s so that’s all about to come to an end? coming up I’ll show you 20 cool websites that will make it easier for you to pass the time. whether you’re simply just looking for a site to have some fun or want to explore interesting websites to fill the hours and maybe learn something new we’ve got you covered. let’s get started.

1. Caffeine Calculator

Whether you drink coffee chug Mountain Dew pound back Red Bulls or some other caffeinated drink too much caffeine can be dangerous. this is where the caffeine calculator comes in handy to start off enter the name of the drink, I’ll go with the Starbucks, Grande Cappuccino and select it from the list, now enter your weight I’m 215 pounds, before any of you get concerned, I’m 6 foot 4 maybe if I were the height of Tom Cruise but that way you might be able to roll me down a hill. moving on select calculate your limits. in this example, the daily safe maximum is 3.9 cups per day and a lethal dosage is 19.8cups.

2. Scream Into The Void

Do you ever get so angry that you feel like screaming, if so the sites for you? on scream to the void type your feelings about a situation or problem that is bothering you. turn your speakers up real loud, then click on scream.

3. A Good Movie To Watch

A good movie to watch is one I’ve recommended in the past in addition to movies they now suggest TV shows as well, it’s a fantastic source for finding highly rated hidden gems.

You can filter the results along the left you have more than a dozen platforms to choose from including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, and many others and below that, you can choose whether you want to watch TV shows or movies.

4. 16Personalties

If you have some downtime this might be a good opportunity for you to take a personality test on 16 personalities. to learn more about yourself and find out which personality type best describes you. once you begin, you’ll answer a series of questions try to be as honest as possible, and try to avoid neutral answers for the best assessment.

When you’re done taking the test it will show you your Myers-Briggs personality type. the test on 16 personalities is currently available in 37 languages.

5. Slither.io

do you remember the snake game from back in the day that used to be on our cell phones? I used to play it all the time Nokia Flip phone. Slither.io is an updated multiplayer adaptation of snake, but instead of a snake, you control worm-eating multicolored pellets while defeating and consuming other players to grow the largest and longest worm in the game. The controls are simple, you could use the mouse trackpad or the directional keys on your keyboard. it’s easy to play and highly addictive.

6. Radio Garden

Radio Garden is a really cool website that lets you listen to local live radio stations from around the world. I’ll keep the site muted while we’re on here can move around the globe you navigate just like you would with Google Maps in your browser. clicking on any city will bring up a list of stations that you can listen to.

7. Radiooooo

another cool music site is Radiooooo. lets you select any country and decade you hear music from that area that was popular at that time. at the top and changed the mood your choices are slow-fast and weird or any combination of the three.

8. You’re Getting Old!

the site is truly frightening you’re getting old we’ll let you know how long your human form has been roaming this planet. enter the day month and year of your birth, I’ll make one up here let’s go with the 5th of May 1974, then hit go.

The next page will give you a report with interesting stuff like how many days old you are? we combine the age of two people that are equal to your age, the total number of candles on all of your birthday cakes plus a whole lot more.

9. 2048

If you need another game to play, 2048 is a single-player sliding block puzzle game that will help to fill some time. in this game, you slide two tiles with the same number into each other on a grid by using the arrow keys. the goal is to combine them to the point where you create a tile with the number 2048.

It’s not as easy as you would think. here’s a bonus tip for you if you use the search engine DuckDuckGo this game is included as an easter egg by typing 2048.

10. Bongo Cat

Bongo Cat is perhaps the most talented feline on the internet. in addition to the bongos, it can play several other instruments including the cowbell. isn’t everything better with more cowbells obviously it is?

11. Windows93.net

Windows 93 just might be the best operating system ever to be created. well not really, it’s actually a strange and hilarious website that’s been around for years that appears to be a spoof of Windows 95. instead of spoiling the surprises, I’ll let you discover most of them on your own.

additional so-called programs can be found by going to the Start menu and selecting programs. for the haters of Windows 10, Windows 93 is just maybe the operating system you’ve been looking for. on a positive note, at least it doesn’t crash every time it gets updated. if you’re a fan of the TV show Friends, do check out their browser Catexplorer.

12. Flightrader24

Flightradar24 is an amazing website that shows real-time flight tracking information for thousands of aircraft around the world. to find what is flying up in the skies in your local area you can zoom in using the mouse wheel. when you click on any aircraft, it’ll show its flight track on the map, and in the left pane, it will give you additional details about that flight.

13. Instructables

If you have a good amount of free time and you’d like to create something cool Instructables is a great place to find user-created do-it-yourself projects. it’s grown quite a bit over the years. it now features more than 100 thousand projects in a variety of categories each with its own set of step-by-step instructions.

14. Quick, Draw!

Quick Draw and artificial intelligence experiment from Google as part of its machine learning research. how it works is that you draw what is asked and its AI tries to guess what you’re drawing.

15. The True Size Of…

Most 2d maps have distortions that exaggerate the size of countries near the poles while downplaying the size of countries near the equator. on the true size website, it’ll give you a better indication of how big one country is when compared to another.

For example, if I drag the United Kingdom down to the continent of Africa you get a better perspective of their true size and yes the United Kingdom is that small.

16. Akinator

Now it’s time to meet the amazing Akinator. it’s been around for more than a decade it uses an artificial intelligence program to guess what or whom you are thinking out with a series of questions. first hit play you begin by thinking of a popular fictional or real-life character an object or animal.

17. Online Tone Generator

There is a cool 60-second online hearing test that determines the highest frequency that you can hear. hit play to begin and stop when you no longer hear the tone. to save time, I’ve skipped to the end the highest frequency for me was 13, 891 Hertz. it’s not too great, I blame that on listening to music too loud with headphones and rock concerts.

To find out how your hearing compares with others you could read the comments below or click the link to visit the hearing test results page. on this page, you’ll see two graphs one with the raw data and the other with the averages by age. along the left, there are other tests, if you have a subwoofer connected to your computer the subwoofer testing is worth checking out.

18. The Useless Web

There’s the useless web just click the plays button and you’ll be taken to a random useless website.

19. Bored Button

Bored Button is similar to the previous site mentioned, but it’s more focused on interactive websites. let’s click the button to see which site they take us to. when you’re done with any site, just click the button in the upper right to be taken to another.

Thanks for reading if this post was useful for you give it a thumbs up if you know the cool website not mentioned let us know about it in the comments.