20 Best Android Games Must You know!

1. Justice League Action Run

This running game, which is based on the Cartoon Network series Justice League Action, may be the most exciting thing to hit your phone this year. Select your team of heroes from Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, and then sprint, jump, slide, dodge, soar, and blast your way through 150 mission-based levels. There are foes to defeat, rewards to earn, and in-app purchases and advertisements to avoid, all of which are enhanced by vibrant graphics and a thunderous soundtrack. It’s only a shame that the game might occasionally be ‘Iaggy’ and slow to reply.

2. Solitaire!

There are plenty of new and updated Solitaire games available on the Google Play store, but this one sticks out because its colors are a little bit bolder and brighter, its gameplay is pleasantly fluid, and its name includes an exclamation mark, which makes it feel more thrilling. Unlike some Solitaire versions that jam in needless extra features, this one keeps things simple while still delivering infinite undos, personal statistics, and a left-handed variant. It is 100% free, but financed by advertisements.

3. Escape Room The Movie Game

A horror film based on the popular escape-the-room games is set to release later this year, and now there is an escape-the-room game based on the film. Baffled? You will be, as this game incorporates devious riddles, grisly images, and a frightening music to create an appropriately ominous and claustrophobic atmosphere. It is not for the faint of heart, with eyeballs in jars, blood on the walls, and unsightly instruments, but it is only a game, and if you die, you can simply restart. Be aware that the file size is so enormous that downloading it requires Wi-Fi.

4. Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run came on Android four months after it launched on iOS, to a pretty mixed reception. While guiding the athletic plumber across colorful landscapes, collecting coins, leaping over barriers, and bouncing on adversaries’ skulls is surely a lot of fun, it’s also a bit of a rip-off. Although the app is free to download and you can sample all three game types for free, continuing to play costs £10. Nintendo emphasizes the perks – playing 24 courses over six worlds and unlocking additional characters – but the price is still high for a mobile game.

5. Chicken Scream

This is not a game to play on public transportation unless you truly like annoyance from your fellow passengers. The objective is to guide the titular bird over more perilous platforms, but rather than tapping the screen, you use your voice. Sing or speak into your phone or tablet to instruct the chicken to walk, and scream to instruct it to jump. While remaining silent allows the bird to continue traveling slowly, if you do not speak up, the bird is likely to fall into the water or collide with a sharp object and perish. The recent update allows you to trade your cash for fresh chicks, further adding to the game’s craziness.

6. Clawbert

Unlike those obnoxious claw machines seen in amusement arcades that are perpetually out of prizes, Clawbert is a nice two-fingered claw with a “full heart.” You maneuver the claw to capture eggs from below in the goal of scoring a prize in this delightfully charming game. These come in the form of charming little animals, and once you’ve gathered them all, you’ll receive an additional surprise. Occasionally, you’ll come across a rare surprise egg that must be snatched up before the machine resets. Clawbert is highly addictive and significantly less stressful than yelling at a chicken!

7. Raft Survival Simulator

Would you rather drown or swim if your ship capsized at sea? Even better, could you construct a raft and endure ocean waves? That is the objective of this game, in which you must construct a clever and robust raft from passing flotsam, acquire equipment and cultivate plants, fish for sustenance and desalinate seawater, and fend off a hungry shark who wants to eat you for breakfast. Raft Survival Simulator has beautiful visuals and, while the controls are a little cumbersome and you’ll have to put up with advertisements, it’s excellent practice in case you ever become lost at sea.

8. I Love Hue

If noisy, chaotic games make you want to throw your phone across the room, try I Love Hue, a “soft voyage through color and perception” in which you tap and drag colored squares into solid spectrums. When you move a tile, all adjacent blocks move with it, and some are pinned into place. I Love Hue’s relaxing synth soundtrack makes it extremely therapeutic and addictive, and the sense of accomplishment gained from completing the more difficult stages is great.

9. Parker’s Driving Challenge

If you enjoy racing games and are a fan of Thunderbirds, you’ll be giddy with joy as you clutch your gear stick in Parker’s Driving Challenge. You are tasked by Lady Penelope with the task of locating and recovering goods, as well as pursuing the nefarious Hood, who is constructing a giant machine to funnel the sun’s energy into his evil hands. You’ll get to drive a variety of modified cars along the road, with Brains granting upgrades, some of which allow you to fly. There is much to love in this hard game, albeit mastering the controls requires some patience.

10. Transformers: Forged to Fight

This game puts you in the shoes of Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, and other Transformer characters as you combat metallic adversaries in massive 360-degree arenas. Master special attacks, construct a lethal squad of bots, and inflict as much havoc as possible. Additionally, Forged to Fight allows you to team up with your buddies to battle other Transformers from across the world. The graphics are stunning, and the action is ferocious.

11. Wire

Imagine you are a long piece of wire, gliding gracefully through abstract landscapes Consider yourself to be a long piece of wire, smoothly flowing across abstract landscapes, avoiding obstacles and collecting prizes. No, this is not a helpful mental practice; this is the bizarre, albeit infuriating, game Wire, which has already accumulated thousands of five-star reviews on the iOS and Google Play shops. With its straightforward one-touch controls – simply tap the screen to guide your wire through each screen – it resembles a future version of the famous Nokia game Snake. It’s really addictive, and the variety of skins available adds another dimension of interest.

12. Before or After?

Which occurred first: Neil Armstrong’s walk on the Moon or Martin Luther King’s assassination? Was Google founded prior to the publication of the first Harry Potter novel? This quiz game tests your understanding of historical events by requiring you to respond to such questions with a simple ‘before’ or ‘after’. It starts off ridiculously easy but quickly becomes more difficult, and an extra bonus is that you learn information while playing. The current update adds a level-based mode to test your progress, in addition to the previously available option of submitting your high score to the leaderboard. It’s a shame you’re forced to watch Lulea ate Stiller’s bad advertisements, though.

13. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Rejoice, Potterheads! A brand-new Harry Potter smartphone game has emerged – although if you’ve ever played Pokamon Go, you’re already familiar with the concept. You’ll discover that Wizards Unite does not contain a great deal that is ‘new.’ It’s essentially the same formula of ‘must capture them all.’ reskinned with Wizarding World characters and creatures by JK Rowling. The concept is that ‘foundables’ – magical artifacts, monsters, and people from the Potterverse – have begun to appear in the world around you, and it is up to you to locate and catch them using spells. It’s enjoyable, but it can also be vexing, unless you pay to bypass the free-to-play constraints.

14. Lego Tower

If you prefer management simulation games such as Tiny Tower and are a Lego fan, this may be the game for you. The concept is to place Lego people in various companies on various levels of your tower and then direct guests to the appropriate floor when they arrive. This successfully creates the in-game currency required to construct additional floors, order inventory, and so on. Along the way, gather Lego minifigures and complete exciting side tasks. While in-app purchases expedite your progress, they are not required.

15. Sky: Children of the Light

This may be the game for you if you enjoy management simulation games such as Tiny Tower and are a Lego fan. The idea is to arrange Lego people in various groups on various levels of your tower and then lead guests to the proper floor upon their arrival. This successfully generates in-game currency for the purpose of constructing further floors, ordering inventory, and so forth. Collect Lego minifigures and complete fun side activities along the way. While in-app purchases help you advance faster, they are not essential.

16. Call of Duty: Mobile

This is not the first Call of Duty game to be released on mobile devices, but it is the most determined attempt yet by publishers Activision to convert the entire Call of Duty experience to a properly portable platform. There is no single-player story, but there are numerous multiplayer options, including the now-required Fortnite-style battle royale mode. The developers of the game offer “console-quality” gaming on your mobile device. However, while the graphics are outstanding and the game includes a large number of classic maps, the game’s present lack of controller compatibility is a significant omission, and progress in the free-to-play mode can be slow.

17. Mario Kart Tour

For NinteThere is an evident delight to be had by Nintendo veterans while playing a Mario Kart game on a mobile device. As with Super Mario Run, the Japanese gaming giant has expertly translated everything that makes the console versions of the game into a one-handed touchscreen smartphone (or tablet) application. However, Mario Kart Tour is not without its flaws; while this free-to-play game allows you to race as often as you like, a large portion of its material and characters (including Mario himself) are locked behind some quite expensive microtransactions.

18. Minecraft Earth

Microsoft has finally made its augmented reality-focused sandbox game available to UK Minecraft players, following its May announcement and summer limited beta testing. As in the original, you collect resources, construct structures, and work cooperatively with other players. However, thanks to the magic of augmented reality, you can now place your creations in the actual world and view them on your device. Bear in mind that the game is officially still in early access, which means that there may be some bugs and that it may not operate optimally on all devices. Microsoft has committed to continuously improving Minecraft Earth and adding new features.

19. Xbox Game Streaming

This new software could very well be a preview of what’s to come next year with the launch of the next generation of gaming consoles. It offers two distinct game-streaming experiences: Xbox Console Streaming, which allows you to stream games from your Xbox One to an Android device via Wi-Fi or mobile networks at home; and Project xCloud, which enables you to stream selected games, such as Gears 5 and Sea of Thieves, directly from Microsoft’s servers – no Xbox required. At the moment, everything is in beta, which means you must sign up for Microsoft’s Xbox Insider program. Additionally, you’ll require a Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One controller.

20. Mystic Pillars

This unusual game by an Indian developer combines clever logic puzzles, an engrossing mythological plot, and stunning 2D artwork. You’ve been assigned with the duty of reviving the once-prosperous Zampi Kingdom by destroying a series of pillars.