14 Outstanding Netflix Documentaries You Need To Watch

Netflix is an excellent resource for watching tv shows and movies, it frequently overlooks the outstanding documentaries that occasionally demonstrate that reality may be weirder than fiction. Coming up, I’ll show you over ten incredible documentaries that are now available on Netflix.

1. Tiger King – Murder, Mayhem, and Madness

While these are not in any particular sequence, Tiger King should be near the top of your watchlist if you haven’t seen it yet. In 2020, this American true crime documentary series will delve into the world of private zoos and so-called sanctuaries.

While other big cat collectors are shown, the series’ principal focus is on the heated dude between Joe exotic – the flashy proprietor of a big cat menagerie in Oklahoma and animal rights activist Carol Baskin.

Initially, Netflix released seven episodes, with the prospect of additional episodes being added in the future. Tiger King is engrossing from start to finish and is without a doubt one of the weirdest ducky series I have ever watched.

2. The Pharmacist

The pharmacist, which premiered in 2020, is a four-part American real crime documentary series set in Louisiana. The story opens in 1999 with Dan Schneider, a small-town pharmacist who loses his son in a drug-related killing in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward. with the cops unable to provide any explanations, which is rather frequent down here.

Dan embarks on an independent investigation to ascertain the identity of his son’s killer and to amass evidence against those responsible for the opioid pandemic.

3. Don’t F**k with Cats

This 2019 true crime documentary series follows a gang of online sleuths as they attempt to track down the man who released a video of himself killing kittens in 2010.

This amazing ducky series is only three episodes long, and I should warn you that there are some unpleasant situations. While your dogs may like it, it may be better to separate your cats from the viewing area while you watch.

4. Rottten

Rotten is a documentary television series that debuted in 2018. It delves into the murky underside of food production to expose corrupt waste and other issues associated with the process of giving food to the populace.

Each episode focuses on a single food product and features interviews with manufacturers, distributors, and other stakeholders. There are now twelve episodes of rotten accessible on Netflix, spanning two seasons.

5. The Confession Killer

The Confession Killer is a five-part true-crime documentary series airing on Netflix in 2019. It chronicles the life of Henry Lee Lucas, dubbed America’s most prolific serial killer. From 1960 through 1983, he gained notoriety after confessing to over 100 killings to the Texas Rangers and other law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.

The confession murderer does an excellent job of showing the law enforcement officials’ utter incompetence and sloppy police work, who seemed more concerned with finishing cases and apprehending the true perpetrators.

6. Long Shot

Longshot is a 2017 Netflix documentary film. It’s about a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball enthusiast who is accused of committing a murder he denies committing.

This sends his attorney on a wild goose chase in search of raw footage from the popular HBO television show Curb Your Enthusiasm to substantiate his alibi. If you’re looking for something quick to see, Longshot is only 40 minutes long.

7. Abducted In Plain Sight

Abducted In Plain Sight is a 2017 real crime documentary film. The true story is stranger than fiction and takes place in the 1970s. It details the kidnappings of an Idaho adolescent girl on two consecutive occasions by her psychopathic neighbor. There are so many twists and turns throughout the 90-minute length that your eyes will be glued to the screen.

8. Mountain


Mountain is a 2017 Australian nature documentary film that transports viewers to the tops of some of the world’s tallest peaks. Willem Dafoe’s narration of this film is fantastic, as he reads parts from the Robert McFarlane novel Mountains Of The Mind.

Mountain is incredibly captivating; it features breathtaking scenery and provides for an excellent. It is not an odd diversion from the madness that exists in our life.

9. Holy Hell

Holy Hell is a 2016 American documentary film by Will Allen. he gives an inside look Will Allen’s 2016 documentary film Holy Hell is a look inside hell. He provides an inside look at his own experiences as a member of the Buddhafield cult, which formed in the 1980s in West Hollywood, California. as a 22-year member, will serve as the group’s official videographer, contributing vital footage for this film.

This is mostly focused on the charismatic leader, who goes by various names but is most frequently referred to as Michael. As you can anticipate, Holy Hell becomes increasingly strange as the story progresses.

10. Team Foxcatcher

Team Foxcatcher is a 2016 documentary film about John DuPont and his association with the United States of America’s Olympic wrestling team. John invested heavily in pricey training facilities and offered housing for the wrestlers on his land.

This film does an excellent job of exposing John’s paranoia and encounters with Olympic wrestler Dave Schultz.

Even if you’ve already seen the 2014 drama film Foxcatcher starring Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo, team Foxcatcher enhances the plot with new details and real-life footage.

11. The Confession Tapes

The Confession Tapes is a true-crime documentary series that examines stories of individuals convicted of murder who believe their confessions were forced or outright fraudulent, exposing weaknesses in the criminal justice system.

If you’re a fan of series like Making a Murderer, you’ll like the confession tapes. The first season, which debuted in 2017, consisted of seven episodes; however, season two will debut in 2019 with four new episodes.

12. Evil Genius

Evil Genius is the true story of America’s most diabolical bank heist.

13. Fyre

The greatest party that never happened was centered on a fake music festival hosted by Billy McFarland and the legendary rapper Ja Rule.

14. Wild Wild Country

Wild Wild Country is a documentary about a cult in Oregon; it is one of the few documentaries we’ve seen that approaches the craziness of tiger cave. A hotel explosion occurs, assassination plots occur, illegal wiretaps occur, and one of the largest bioterrorism attacks in US history occurs.

We appreciate your time reading and if this article helped you discover something new to watch, please give it a thumbs up. What is your favorite mind-blowing documentary on Netflix? Let us know in the comments so we can check it out.