10 Best New Android Apps for 2022

1. Waze

Since its start as a crowdsourced map application, Waze has gone a long way. Now, it can keep you fully informed in real time of any traffic dangers, roadworks, or accidents along your route and divert you if necessary.

Waze fully supports Android Auto, allowing you to utilize the app directly from the dashboard of your vehicle (assuming your vehicle supports Android Auto, too). It will provide an exact ETA based on current traffic conditions and will locate a parking space for you when you arrive. It’ll even assist you in saving money by locating the cheapest petrol stations along your route.

2. Idealo

Nobody likes paying full price for anything anymore – and, with Idealo in your

Nobody like paying full price for anything anymore – and you’ll never have to have Idealo in your pocket. Idealo is a price comparison tool that aims to find you the greatest deal available, regardless of what you’re looking for. It offers a diverse selection of things ranging from technology to fashion, fitness to pharmacy, and more.

The majority of the major online stores, including Amazon, eBay, and John Lewis, are supported. You may view a product’s pricing history, select favorites, and receive alerts when the price of specific products drops to an affordable level. You’ll never miss another incredible deal again.

3. Engross

Engross is much more than a simple timer application. It is based on Francesco Cirillo’s Pomodoro Technique (a time management theory created in the late 1980s), and it seeks to increase your focus while working or studying by segmenting time into sessions and tracking how frequently you become distracted.

Additionally, you may disable Wi-Fi during sessions and, with a £3.75 subscription to Premium, prevent distracting apps while you work. Additionally, Engross provides statistics and analysis, as well as a task list and a day planner. Alternatively, you may use it to assist you in cooking the perfect soft-boiled egg.

4. File Manager

While Google’s native Files app is excellent for cleaning your smartphone, it falls short when it comes to organizing your files. Fortunately, there are other choices. Our current favorite is simply called File Manager (although it is not the only app with that name; for more information, see our bit.ly link or scan the QR code on the right).

It’s quick and allows you to navigate by storage location (main drive, SD card) or file type (images, audio and so on). Additionally, it has a slew of functionality that Android’s default file manager lacks, such as bookmarking files and folders and the ability to view and transfer data from NAS systems and PCs.

5. Google Podcasts

Choosing a podcast provider is a fairly difficult undertaking these days, made even more difficult by the proliferation of podcast-related apps. To assist you, we’ll recommend our current favorite.

We were going to recommend our long-time favorite podcast program, Castbox’s Podcast Player, but recent changes appear to have crippled the app, with numerous users reporting unusual playing troubles. As an alternative, we’d like to propose Google Podcasts. It’s free, simple to use, effective, and automatically syncs your listening across all of your devices.

6. Office Lens

Microsoft’s Office Lens tool is ideal for scanning papers, notes, and anything else that contains a large amount of text. When the program is launched, you can pick between four scanning modes – Document, Whiteboard, Photo, and ‘Business card’ – to ensure the finest possible scan.

Then, simply point your camera’s lens at the document you wish to record, and Office Lens will highlight the selection for you automatically. After you capture the photo, the software instantly analyzes it, adjusting the perspective and improving the colors to create the appearance of an actual scan. It makes very few – if any – errors and automatically backs up your scans to OneDrive for safekeeping.

7. Open Camera

Open Camera includes nearly every photo feature imaginable in a user interface that is both simple and functional. When the program is launched, a simple yet unobtrusive strip of buttons allows you to switch between the front and back cameras, switch between photo and video mode, and adjust the exposure.

Additional features include a straightforward vertical slider for adjusting the digital magnification and a handy spirit level for avoiding skewed shots. Additionally, Open Camera displays the time, remaining battery life, and available storage on your device, which is essential for shooting lengthy movies. It’s an excellent free alternative to your phone’s stock camera software.

8. Wetherspoon Order and Pay

No, we’re not pushing you to reach for the bottle; rather, we believe the Wetherspoon Order and Pay app (which we reviewed last issue) is an excellent way to bypass the queue when you’re in the mood for a pub meal and a pint (or soft drink, of course).

Locate a table in a Wetherspoon’s location, peruse the menu on your phone, and make your order; your food and drink will be delivered to you without you having to travel near the bar. The app accepts payments via Android Pay, PayPal, or a debit or credit card, and you may use in-app promos to receive fast discounts on your transaction. Keep your bottoms up!

9. ViewRanger — Trails & Maps

Get out of your automobile and use the excellent ViewRanger app to discover stunning rural beauties and historic city areas on foot or by bike. This site features outdoor trails from countries across the world that you may browse by distance, difficulty level, and activity type, such as walking, hiking, cycling, canoeing, or riding.

Its GPS maps and routes are available offline, ensuring that you will not be stuck if your mobile signal is lost, and you can track and share your journey while discovering nearby sites of interest and places to stay. While ViewRanger is free to use, access to its full Ordnance Survey and topographic maps requires a fee.

10. SwiftKey Keyboard

Swiftkey is the undisputed king of phone keyboards, combining unrivaled functionality, usability, and performance. It’s completely free, simple to use, and enables quick switching between three different text input methods: typing, sliding your finger between characters, and voice dictation.

What truly distinguishes SwiftKey from its competitors, though, is the quality of its auto-correction and its ability to anticipate your next phrase. Even if you hit numerous incorrect keys, the software usually recognizes what you intended to type and, over time, it memorizes your most frequently used phrases and information, which makes text entry incredibly fast and straightforward.