10 Awesome Chrome Extensions You Need to Know About!

As you probably know Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers out there many of you are probably using it right now.

There’s also plenty of extensions for it they can add lots of functionality so today we’re going to go over 10 really cool Chrome extensions.

That you might not have known about before and are worth checking out and even if you’re using some other web browser like Firefox a lot of these may possibly be available on those as extensions.

1. The Great Suspender

This is going to be good for those of you out there you know who you are who just have tons of tabs open at one given time and we already know that Google Chrome is a bit of a memory hog it’ll just eat up as much memory as it can and having a ton of tabs open can really slow down your computer potentially and what this extension does, it’s very simple is it takes any tabs that you haven’t been using for a certain amount of time that you set and then it will remove it from the memory.

It will suspend it and in the settings for this extension there’s plenty of options for things like whitelisting domains so it’ll never suspend tabs there or tabs playing audio will not be suspended. so, if you like to listen to music in the background for example and also, it’ll prevent tabs from being suspended if there are unsaved inputs or forms so maybe you’re filling out.

I don’t know job application or something and you’re researching on some other tab you obviously don’t want that to close out and then lose the data and then there’s plenty of other options in there. that I’m not going to get into their bit smaller but you can see for yourself so this is definitely pretty cool.

2. Pushbullet

This one comes in real handy a lot for me and it is called Pushbullet and it basically makes it easier to move things from your browser or one device to another device. so, what I mean by that for example is say you have a picture on a website that you think is hilarious you want to send it to your friends normally what you would have to do is you’d have to go on your phone navigate to the website the same webpage.

However, you got to it you’d have to like if you found it on you’d have to go on Reddit find the post again whereas with Pushbullet with this extension you can simply right-click on the image go to the Pushbullet context menu, and pick which device you want to send it to now you will have to have one of the Pushbullet apps on the device you’re sending it to or if it’s another computer the extension but when you do send it from one to the other it’ll just appear in that Pushbullet app and this doesn’t have to be just for images you can do this for web URLs.

So, you can just right-click anywhere on the page and then select the device and then the URL link will be sent to the other device or you can even do it for just text so you can highlight like a paragraph of something right-click that after it’s selected and send it and then it’ll you can just copy and paste it off the other phone so I think it should be pretty obvious why this would come in handy.

3. Typio Form Recovery

This one is going to save you guys a lot of headaches and it’s called Typio Form Recovery. Now, I think we’ve all had that terrible experience where we’re typing in some text fields on some website you type all this stuff out and then you go to hit submit or whatever and then you get some sort of error or the page doesn’t load and then you try to go back and everything you typed in is gone and you have to type it all in again and this can be really disastrous if it’s like a really long paragraph you type down.

This extension can prevent all that by Autosaving any text you type into text boxes on websites so for example after typing something into a text box you’ll be able to see on the right-hand side there will be a little clock icon that will allow you to see previous entries into that box alternatively you can just right-click in the same text box instead of clicking a little icon and that’ll allow you to browse through all the previous entries and there’s plenty of extension settings to which you can customize.

However, you want for example how long you want to save it so if you’re a little bit more privacy-conscious and you’re only worried about cases where you know you hit the back button and it disappears maybe you only want to keep the data for like one day and another thing you might have been wondering about is by default, it will not save entries into password entry boxes or credit card boxes so you don’t have to worry about it saving your password in securely and then some hacker gets it or something like that.

the whole extension is even open source so you don’t have to worry about it being malicious someone else probably would have called it out by then or if you want to be paranoid and look at it yourself that’s always an option so really cool extension.

4. NewsGuard

So much fake news out there it’s hard to tell what sources are reliable what’s not you come across some website you know is this some random blog someone made up or what you don’t know what this extension does or at least tries to do is rate news websites based on factors of credibility and transparency. so you can better judge what a news website is so, this includes things like do not repeatedly publish false content or clearly labels advertising that sort of thing, so if you come across a so-called news website that you’ve never heard of before and you’re like is this even real you can get a little bit better context if it’s rated by News Guard now look it’s definitely not perfect especially when it comes to mainstream news outlets.

Which I think can often be very biased and very deceptive in their own ways and this news guard extension tends to give them a free pass usually giving them green checkmarks pretty much across the board even though. I think these news outlets are a little bit more deceptive than that suggests.

So, yes even this extension does tend to be a little bit biased but I think it’s more useful again in situations where you’ve never heard of this website before you don’t know anything about it you can at least get maybe a general sense of how reliable it is or at least some context and know whether you should look into it a little bit more maybe looks at another source to see if it agrees to move on though.

5. FireShot

The next extension is called fire shot which is yet another tool for taking screenshots of websites now I know there are several of these tools out there for taking screenshots of websites.

But in my experience, some of these tend to work on some websites other ones don’t particularly when you’re trying to capture the entire page and it has to scroll sometimes certain ones can look weird. so, this is just another option, if the other one you’re using might not work and how it works is really simple you just click the icon and then you can choose whether you want to capture the visible part of the page the entire page which is probably the most useful one or just a certain selection and then when you do that.

It’ll give you the option to save as an image or a PDF you can also print or if you just want to copy to the clipboard you just right-click on the image and do that then there’s also some basic options so, for example, you can choose whether you want to save it as a PNG or a jpg I would always do as a PNG because it’s lossless you’re not going to have any compression and again probably the most useful function here would capture the entire page because that’s where it auto scrolls through and then combines all these screenshots into one and it’s a seamless image of the whole big webpage.

So, this is definitely a useful one and I use it a lot of times in posts when I’m trying to show certain websites that might not be able to be captured in just one picture.

6. Web of Trust

It’s meant to warn you when you come across a website that is dangerous security-wise. so, for example, it’s really useful in Google search results so if you do a Google search next to each URL you will see a little donut shape icon and it’ll be a different color either green-yellow or red meaning it’s safe you should have caution or it’s a dangerous website and if it’s red it might be for examples blatantly malicious website like phishing sites or scams.

Probably if you happen to go to a red website anyway maybe it wasn’t a page that had the little donut showing when you go on it it’ll pop up a little warning to tell you that this is a potentially dangerous site and why and you can even go and click the little scorecard it’s called to see why got the rating and you can see reviews by people who are saying oh this is a scam whatever and I believe this extension is totally crowd-sourced meaning it relies completely on ratings by users.

So obviously more popular websites are going to have more ratings and are going to be more reliable and ratings whereas if a website doesn’t have a lot of viewers that don’t use this extension it might not be rated at all and it seems like there’s two separate factors rating and reputation and I believe the rating is just derived from the reputation after there are enough reviews.

So, not every website will have a rating and reputation some might not have a rating but they have a bad reputation if too few people have reviewed it so far but you can just check yourself and it’s still good to maybe get an idea or if there’s something that’s blatantly bad about a website at least you can know that

7. Dark Reader

This basically is an extension that allows you to enable dark mode on every website even those that don’t have a native dark mode so you can control this extension with a simple toggle on or off and there are lots of different additional options.

So, when you toggle it on you can do either dark or light mode and the so-called light mode is a little different from being off completely where you can still change some of the settings below so there are things like brightness contrast sepia or grayscale and then you can also create a list of websites and change how you want to behave on those sites.

So, for example, you can only invert the ones that are on the list or don’t invert the ones that are on the list so if you’re a big fan of dark mode or maybe you just find it easier to read on certain websites like that this could come in handy.

8. Rain Alarm

This is meant to warn you when it’s about to rain in your area and it doesn’t just use a basic forecast what fun would that be you can go on any app and seal whatever chance of raining at this time.

this extension uses real-time data like radar so we’ll actually be able to tell when it’s really approaching basically in the settings you just set the location you want to use it on you can set how often you want it to check for rain in that area and then a search radius and then you can also choose the sensitivity of the alert if you need to not sure exactly how that works maybe if you get some false positives you can change that and then I guess how it works is once it detects radar for showing rain within that radius then chances are it’s going to rain in your area pretty soon and then it’ll let you know with a little icon in the crew extension or it’ll also pop up as a Windows notification in your notification bars also.

if you click on the extension icon, it’ll take you to the extension page where it’ll show you the actual radar for your area and the radius. so, you can see where it’s getting the data from and get an idea more exactly of where the rain is so this one might come in handy if you’re in a really rainy area.

9. FlowCrypt

This is going to be for much more advanced users but basically allows you to use PGP encryption right within Gmail so PGP stands for pretty good privacy and it basically is a method for encrypting texts or emails or whatever using a private key pair that you generate now if this sounds way too advanced you have no idea what I’m talking about don’t worry about it you can just ignore this one but if you do know what I’m talking about this might excite you.

So, basically when you enable this extension will ask you to have access to your Gmail account, and then that will allow you to actually you know send emails and stuff and it’ll create a new button in Gmail that will allow you to secure compose an encrypted email instead of just composing an email and then it pretty much just handles all the encryption stuff you need to without having to do it yourself with whatever else other programs now remember this is only going to work between two different people who are using PGP as encryption.

so, if you’re sending someone an email you have to know their public key, and if they’re sending it to you, they have to know yours so this is not just going to work you send someone encrypted email they’re not going to know what the heck to do with it so like I mentioned for those of you who know what this is you might find it useful if you have no idea what I’m talking about just don’t worry about it.

10. HTTPS Everywhere

This is also an encryption-related extension but this is one that I think everybody should use even people who have no idea what it does let me explain it so as you probably know when you go to a website in the URL bar. it’ll either say HTTP which means it’s not a secure website or HTTPS which means it is secure as encrypted and if you go to a web page like a login page or like a bank website or something you should always hope.

it’s HTTPS that’s usually where you see that little lock or if it’s an insecure website some browsers may show a little red unlock symbol it depends in any case though what this extension ensures that any website you go to if has HTTPS available.

it will make sure the browser always uses the secure version of the site even if the website usually defaults to the non-secure version because in general if a website does have the ability to encrypt it when you’re using it that’s always the one you kind of want to be using and it really is simply set it and forget it you don’t really have to change any settings or anything so it’s good for people who don’t really know much about computers but you want to be more secure.

there is also an option in there called encrypt all sites eligible and that apparently tries to force all websites to use a secure version even if it doesn’t know if it supports HTTPS but if it can’t it will pop up like a big warning page so that’s probably just gone be annoying I don’t think I would enable that setting so this is an extension I have talked about in the past. but I think it’s so essential that really everyone should have it and it’s definitely worth using if you haven’t heard of it before.

So, those are ten really cool Chrome extensions that you might not have heard of before let me know in the comments. if there are any really awesome ones that I have not mentioned in any previous videos or anything, do you think are worth talking about.